Sunday, February 12, 2012

are trans fats gone?

welcome to the unbelievable world of "the government did it right". yes, a world in which the local governments imposed their will on the food industry until, lo and behold, results favorable to health actually occurred: trans fats in our blood are actually declining!!! the report also says LDL and HDL, the two cholesterols, are improving, too, but i take that with a grain of salt. more americans are on statin drugs, so maybe those positive changes are not related at all to the drop in trans fats in our food supplies. now if only the federal government would get some cohones and confront the food industry. someday, maybe, someday. when our politicians don't depend on big bucks to run and stay in office.

oooops, then again, never will we see the feds acting on behalf of the public welfare. sorry.

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