Thursday, December 22, 2011

running against the age

first of all, let me say that this will be the last posting of a blog on this site. not because it's an ineffective or inefficient site on which to blog. no, it's because i have finally gotten my new site up - - with its own blog-ability. so if you really want to follow my rants, please check me out there.

so, as i wrap up the year and this blog site, let me just say it's been a doozy in many ways. first of all, i'm proud to say i had some great opportunities this past fall to contribute to the profession. in late september i presented on the topic of wt management/wt loss in las vegas at a new organization's first meeting, lifestyle intervention. the topic was titled 'the weighting game (see, vegas? get it?): why it's so hard to beat the house (the house in this case is our bodies.) much to the chagrin of those who were there representing wt loss companies, and much to the glee of those who actually do medically supervised research or wt loss programs, i was honest and detailed on why wt loss is so damned hard to accomplish. dieting is essential and exercise is hardly enough to do it alone, but at the end of a long period of time, very few keep the wt off. hormones, habits, and circumstances seem to intervene on behalf of wt gain. helps to pick the right gene pool.

also, i was nominated but did not win the "personal trainer to watch" from IDEA/ACE in october. while a self-nominating process, it was still good to be recognized for my 25 years of contributions, and the others listed were equally qualified for theirs so no hard feelings on my part. glad there are some serious professionals out there representing the field.

additionally, i have been working on a task force with the NSCA for a new certification that's being rolled out. what an opportunity to make a difference in the field, with some very enlightened and enthusiastic fellow professionals!!!

but not all has been roses and glory. for one thing, i had to endure a 10 day layoff due to an out-of-the-blue retinal detachment. still can't see perfect but at least not blind. i also have had to endure a very difficult personal event that will take more time to recover from but at least i can work out, eat, and write again. finally, biz is tough here but at least i have a job i love with people i love and fellow professionals i admire. can it be better than that?

yes, but then, no - i have like all of us gotten another birthday under my belt. and just as this article reveals, there are effects we cannot alter other than by slowing down the descent. not to sound gloomy and all but aging does have its effects, and most are not favorable to physical prowess. BUT - as the article attests - lifting wts and stretching really do help to keep one's athleticism viable. so while i'm not going to dispute or support this article, let it be known that the gym can be your friend - in fact, is your friend, for life, and possibly longevity.

hope to see you on my website blog.
happy holidays, and happy new year.

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