Wednesday, February 23, 2011

vitamin d....again???

it seems that science is a very
not too long ago, i posted some of the latest info, from newspaper review, of vitamin d requirements based on a large body of studies reviewed by experts. seems the numbers just keep getting more confusing - not too much, just this amount, no more than that amount, etc etc. now, here's a study that shows you need waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than what's been recommended to fight off cancer:

so what should we make of this? first of all, i'm not a biochemist, a dietitian, nor even a nutritionist - i'm just a personal trainer who's very well educated in the exercise and wellness field. an expert - i hesitate to claim that for myself, esp when it refers to nutrition. but i am smart enough, and well read enough, and maybe even intelligent enough to know this: just wait long enough and whatever else i think i know will probably be wrong. until then, however, you gotta keep on truckin'.

so, here's my spin on this controversy. while most of the data suggests a multivitamin is probably unnecessary, for some nutrients most of us require supplementation. if you don't spend a lot of time outside in the sun year 'round, and if you don't do vitamin d-reinforced dairy products in large amounts, and if you are older than, say, 55 and at risk of osteopenia/osteoporosis, then you need to supplement with vitamin d, and most likely calcium. how much to take? well, you can ask a doc, a dietitian, or read this article - which calls for way more than the newer recommendation of 800 IU - or at least get that minimum of 800. in the end, you will die either way, and who knows if it's from lack of d or other aspects of your life and lifestyle. but if you read this while young enough, let's just hope these docs are not too aggressive and you die from vitamin d overload. that'd be a real bummer.


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  2. jack's comments above are clearly an advertisement of a product in which he believes. when i get asked about such products, from clients, trainers, or vendors, i often go the the science. not the science of the manufacturer but the science of the product itself. is there any source on earth, natural or unnatural, that does all the amazing things this or any supplement promises? so far, nada, nothing, zilch - and i base this on the many studies (a recent one in this month's harvard health letter reported that the amount of echinacea in 18 OTC brands did not have any of the echinacea ingredients listed on the labels) that fail to show benefits from many if not most supplements.

    now, this is not to say there may not be some value in some supplements promoted by some people. but since we don't really know what's in these products; and since many do not have what they say they have in there; and many do not have the pharmaceutical-quality substances on which any scientific tests are done; i'm skeptical. so, if AlgaeCal Plus does work, great. but i'd be damned surprised that some major drug company hasn't tested it, gotten it approved by many country's FDAs, and marketed it on tv to make billions of dollars protecting so many old people from getting osteoporotic fractures.
    just a thought.......

  3. I totally agree with Jake.
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