Sunday, February 27, 2011

news to you's guys

being from philly, i had to adapt some of my dialect once i settled in nashville 41 yrs ago. for one thing, i stopped referring to the fuel you put in cars as 'gaz' since someone pointed out that it's spelled 'gas'. for another, ya'll is a better way to pluralize you compared to you's guys. that said, below are comments on news you might want to investigate:

bone building drugs for osteoporosis prevention and management have been around a long time. some people, tho, cannot take these bisphosphanates due to digestive issues; some, however, have had unusual breaks, usually after 5 yrs of usage. the latter has raised concerns among many women in particular. but, read the meat, not the headline, and you'll see: you're better off taking than not taking these drugs, esp if you are unwilling or unable to do the 'natural' things to build bone, preferably before the age of 30: consume more dairy (not pills, milk products), get vitamin D (some sunlight, and some supplements), and lift weights (mostly lower body, heavier than you might want on the front end; jumping drills work too). since most folks don't or won't or can't, don't be afraid of the drugs.

getting older means losing some bone, some muscle and some mental function. staying in shape means doing some cardio, some wt training, and some stretching. getting in shape to get older healthfully means preventing bone and muscle loss because, statistically, those who do maintain more mental function. what to do? well, here again is another article on why and how to strength train in older age:

the gist of it is, you can start at any time in life. the benefits are the same tho the results are less dramatic than if you had started young. can't do much about the saggy skin or hair loss, but there's no reason you can't move, feel, and be stronger. lift!

however the mind can build 'muscle', too, in particular, in the hippocampus. that's where memory resides, sort of. and it seems that cardio is more beneficial for that part of the brain than is strength training. so, add cardio:

bottom line, as yous guys might expect, is do a well balanced cardio-strength workout at least 3 maybe even 6 days per week and live life to its fullest. as you've heard me say before, even if it does not help you lose all those extra pounds, tho you should lose some, it will help you live more per unit time than just living longer, which it may do, as well.

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