Wednesday, November 10, 2010

protein for cardio

in blogs past i've discussed the value of protein for muscle building and muscle training. but there's now a movement afoot to add protein to drinks otherwise reserved for aerobic athletes. based on a few studies that have shown benefits, one needs to look at the quality of these to determine veracity and validity. this ny times piece refers to an article that does and that tests the possibility of adding protein to a beverage for cyclers. the findings are interesting. the conclusion, tho still not yet confirmed, is not unreasonable. but before i take a stand on it, let me say, i'm not a nutritionist, a dietician, nor a biochemist. but i try to look at sports science objectively. as such, i will say this: for most if not all cardio athletes consuming appropriate amounts of calories relative to their athletic and basic needs, adding more protein to a drink WHILE riding or running is not helpful and could be detrimental. since it takes more energy for the body to break it down, and while running or biking you want to spare your energy for your legs, it makes little sense to pay extra for a less-than-pleasant tasting drink that, for the most part, provides the calories you need to keep from bonking. gatorade may be coming out with a product and others will follow, but save protein supplementation for afterwards and for the weight training.

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