Wednesday, June 9, 2010

social media

there are many new ways to communicate and blogging and Facebook are two i've decided to venture into. based on the suggestions of a marketing study at Vanderbilt on behalf of STEPS, i thought, what the hell? so here it is.

it was also suggested i start twittering - a 140-character way of sharing quickie info. since i read a lot, this would be an easy way to share lots of snippets of quality facts. however, why should i recreate the wheel when a good friend and colleague, Guy Andrews, of Exercise ETC, is doing so. please sign onto his blog for up to date by the minute exercise and health news-bits:

i believe you will find his quick-twits easier to digest than my expositions, but don't stop reading here. the info i offer is able to fill in the meat of the studies others refer to in snippets.

like did you hear about.....

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