Wednesday, June 2, 2010

disease prevention/management

fitness = wellness, or so it would seem. however, genetics, culture, and luck, can impact one's wellness, too. fortunately, tho, goals set a decade ago by a government health initiative, to get more people tested and treated for high blood pressure, is working:

obviously it would be better to prevent it than treat it, and that's the mission of those in the exercise world: to get more folks moving more. getting folks to take more STEPS - sorry about the plug but that's why i chose the name of my biz 20+ yrs ago - is worth it for those who do:

but why just talk about it? sitting at this computer, reading what i read, it strikes me ironic that my sit time affects my life more than my exercise time. one study, in MSSE, june 2010, notes in the conclusion, that women who lost wt during an 8-wk program did so by moving more than they had before the study began, and more than the designed exercise program implemented. those who did not lose wt, however, even with the 150-mins/wk program, did so by reducing the amount of movement they did almost as a compensation for the exercise they did. in other words, with no change in diet, some were "responders" = lost wt by continuing or adding movement; some were "non-responders" - gained wt by stopping extra movement in their lives.

so i'm going to get up and move around. why don't you?

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