Friday, May 28, 2010

clarification and addition

in an earlier post this evening, i referred to a study mentioned in the Tufts Nutrition Letter re calcium supplements not being beneficial to prevent heart disease. however, a Swedish study did show that calcium intake did correlate with reduced risk of heart disease in men. it was a very large epidemiological study which gives it lots of oomph. in fact, those eating the most calcium products were 25% less likely to die of all causes, cancer included. my correction, however, is to the issue of supplements - which do help manage bone loss - but, again, do not reduce heart disease risk. i wanted to make that clear. the study did show, however, that vitamin D supplements did improve one's risk against said disease.

and for you coffee addicts, many studies have lately come out showing its benefits. four new ones came out recently to show its benefits in controlling blood sugar. most interestingly, a French study found that only coffee at LUNCH really made a difference. another study also found that contrary to popular belief, 4 or more coffees a day - not sweetened, mind you - may actually reduce heart rhythm disturbances.

this is why i love to read up on this stuff. it's always surprising....

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