Monday, April 12, 2010

vertical core exercise

now why didn't i think of this name? damn it - i've been promoting it since 1992 when i first got hold of a newfangled exercise toy, the elastic band with handles. i call it the torso rotation when you hold one end in your clasped hands directly in front of the sternum and rotate at the hips away from the anchor at the other end of the tube (the tube is the elastic implement). this works the obliques, the glutes on the side opposite the direction of turn, and the lumbar erectors and rotators on the side to which you are turning. it can be done in all kinds of stances, sitting, kneeling, on balance devices, even lying down; isometrically, isotonically (technically tubing can't be isotonic but let's use that term to imply dynamic), and even ballistically (like a plyometric); and it can be done at all angles of pull. but all i could do was name it torso rotation; what a dummy. at the recent fitness conference of the ACSM, someone came up with vertical core exercise and i hand it to that person. now you can read more about it here:

the only thing this article doesn't do is explain the movements it describes in enough detail to be able to replicate them. if you figure it out, please let me know. thanks.


  1. Dr. Irv, what do you think of this? I think it's true. Same in men?

  2. i read the article you referred to. interesting. i'm not familiar with anyone to whom this has occurred and i've been in the gym environment for almost 40 yrs; plus, many of the women i've dated have been fitness enthusiasts....and never mentioned this. so, i'd suggest the following: if you, or your lady friend, is able to generate enough tension to get an orgasmic release during ab work, then that's just one more motivator for a healthy lifestyle. on the other hand, if you're looking for motivation, i would not go putting too many eggs into that basket - it's a long shot at best. good luck.


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