Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more healthy news

this article discusses research that shows wt loss reduces pro-inflammatory events and substances that contribute to heart disease:

what's cool about the study is that it also demonstrates that fat, your personal body fat, may be a better predictor of how well you'll lose wt if you have bariatric surgery, but who knows? maybe even just basic wt loss measures such as eating less and exercising more: “We also showed that the activation status of immune cells found in fat predicted how much weight people would lose following a calorie restricted diet and bariatric surgery. Those with more activated immune cells lost less weight. It’s the first time this has been described and is important because it helps us understand why some people lose weight more easily than others...."

this suggests the possibility that wt loss alone may be sufficient to alter one's inflammatory milieu thereby affecting one's overall health status, and hints at the possibility that exercise without wt loss may be insufficient to alter one's health status.

it hints, too, at what is more and more becoming truer and truer - wt loss is healthier than being, note i said, BEING overwt. in other words, don't try lose just to lower inflammation, only if you have lots of excess wt. as to how - well, bariatrics is one possibility but there are easier, safer, and healthier ways to go.

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