Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exercise and wt control in aging women (and men, too....)

on wednesday, march 24, an article about a research project hit the news big time. a continuing study, as a sub group of the women's health study (by Dr. I Min Lee), found that women who were middle age (avg. 54), followed for 13 yrs on their diet, exercise, and wt, were able to maintain wt if they exercised 60 minutes a day. SIXTY MINUTES A DAY!!!! that's too much, we all say, and we are correct. with distress in their voices and sadness in their eyes, women are now throwing up their hands in defeat and failure as 60 minutes is more than twice as hard to get in daily as the previously-recommended 30 minutes. what's a person supposed to do?

well, here's the skinny on this data - it's no different than it's always been. the conclusion wraps it up but more on that in a moment. the reality is, 30 mins/day of moderate exercise, even in 10 minute segments, is for better HEALTH, primarily cardiovascular health. to maintain wt requires 60 minutes; for those already obese, NINETY minutes!!!! why? because our metabolism slows with age. if you eat the same exact amounts and types of foods in ten years as you are eating today, you will gain weight...unless you're like 12 years old. so, for those over 25, to maintain wt, or to lose, you have to EAT LESS!!!!! what a surprise! or exercise more than you have time or inclination to do. this has not changed; what's changed is the way it's being reinforced in the research world and emphasized to the average reader/listener.

bottom line: eat less calories, move more to burn more calories and you can keep your wt under control. to lose it, you have to be even more diligent on both ends of the calorie spectrum.

one more point: the best way, safest way, most beneficial way to maintain metabolic rate is thru muscle building - that is, resistance training.

so, nothing really new here, huh?

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