Monday, February 8, 2010

picking the right parents

we all know genetics factors in on such things as hair color, facial appearance, body types, etc. some of these we can only change by seeing professionals with expertise in drastic, or in the case of hair non-drastic, measures. but we think if only we exercise, we can get better - better endurance, strength, flexibility, balance or whatever. and the truth is, for the most part, that is right. but why do some get better faster or to a greater degree than others?

the study cited actually tested a very large number of subjects by training them for several weeks after testing their aerobic capacity and doing genetic tests. what they found was that some improved by up to 15% but others only 5%. and they found 11 genetic indicators of why this occurs...and you have NO control over those. so what can you control?

you can still benefit in a variety of ways from an exercise program. as the study concludes, we need to customize training according to what you can best expect to excel. some might do better with more resistance training, others more cardio. the truth is, however, we can all benefit from some of each, plus more of what will enhance our performance goals. whether we're preparing for the 2012 Olympics or the birth of our first grandchild, exercise - intentional activity designed to improve any or all variables of fitness - is good for you.

so, pick the right genes for the future if you're into making cardio kids, but yours are already determined. make the best of them, and start moving.

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