Monday, February 22, 2010

childhood obesity

the challenge is enormous - how to get kids eating properly if their parents don't or won't. in other words, in a society where there are many lifestyle options, there is no legitimate way to get folks to act in accordance with any one set of standards, let alone dietary. so even the word 'properly' leaves much to the imagination - is that regional, sectional, sectarian, national, racial, etc? the one thing, tho, that seems to be equally resonant is medical, and kids in western, industrialized, or simply affluent countries, like America, are getting fatter faster than evolution can mitigate. thus, the schools may be our best bet to get them to change lifestyle patterns, despite what they experience at home, and maybe just maybe effect nominal changes in RATE of wt gain until adulthood. perhaps, too, lessons will carry over such that good choices can be made in their, and their offspring's, futures. or perhaps we're just dreaming.....

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