Saturday, February 27, 2010

agave agape

the unwavering love of natural in our dietary nazis is unquestionably reserved for those overly suspicious of technology, industry, mass marketing, and government. i know some are truly concerned for health matters but argue vigorously against those who contend some conspiracy to create physiological and metabolic genocide in search of the dollar. and, while this one article alone doesn't debunk the entire health food industry's claims on behalf of other natural products, such as agave, in opposition to the unnatural ones, such as sugar, it does make one think, if you dare: what else out there, sold for lots more than its worth, is just as much a scam, and potentially even more dangerous to health, than those vilified foods they are marketed to replace? in other words, is natural vitamin E better at propagating the diseases pharm-grade E has been found to exacerbate? bottom line, in my humble view, is to eat more foods less processed and eat more processed foods that have less sugar, salt, fat, and preservatives. that allows for breakfast cereals, etc along with produce that can be purchased at your local grocery store. it aint' perfect but why live perfect at the dinner table if you have to drive further in your big car wearing fancy clothes brought over from europe or china after visiting your local gym with all its imported-from-china exercise equipment with your starbucks 3-times-as-expensive get the picture.|htmlws-main-w|dl9|link4|

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