Thursday, January 21, 2010


occasionally i go to the movie with a buddy of mine who loves popcorn - but not the kind i would share. he likes buttered popcorn. so do i but i hate the mess, the unnecessary and useless calories, and the idea that he's slowly adding to his girth, his heart condition, and his blood pressure. why make matters worse on something already overpriced and easily replaced on a long list of enjoyable but unhealthy foods?

but salt is the topic today and worth noting for a couple reasons. one, we all have full control of the shaker, but not once we buy pre-prepared foods or restaurant food. so we would have to be diligent and insistent if we are really watching our salt intake. two, our nation's obesity and related health care problems can be exacerbated by maintaining high salt intake...or significantly reduced by lowering it. and, three, we don't need it. as this article reports, lowering sodium in our diets is good for our personal health as well as the nation's health. what it does not report is that increasing salt in our diet is good for the food industry, health care industry, national debt, political discord, and declining american power.

now, about that salt shaker.....,-heart-and-circulation/5132.html

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