Sunday, January 10, 2010

on Michael Pollan's “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual” (Penguin).

pollan is synonymous with the current trend toward understanding, if not altering, our dietary behavior patterns. he has written and exposed the food industry for its abuses, not only of nature and beast but of consumers and eaters. however, here he discusses how to eat, simple rules to consider in making healthier food choices:

in reading this interview in the Times, i was struck by his openness to cultural and individual tastes in giving advice that's time-worn and suitable for any and all. one, in particular, is his rule that it's ok to eat junk long as you PREPARE it. think about this: french fries, great food, cheap, easy to procure, and horribly bad to for you if a regular part of your diet. on occasion, go for it; too often, we'll see you in cardiac rehab. but, if you want more, go prepare it: peel potatoes, get a large pot of oil real hot, drop them in the pot a few minutes, and chow down. oh, yes, whatcha gonna do with all that oil? and the clean up won't be easy what with all those peelings, splattered grease, and greasy plates. but go ahead, have some a couple times a day, or week - feel free. the point is, this simple rule dilutes our food choices down to what we're willing to make. he did not impose the rule of grow it yourself - that's unwieldy. nor did he outright ban it. he just put the caveat that it's all yours if you make it yourself. what a simple concept.

so, as you sit down to dinner tonite and watch the nfl playoffs, consider the foods you put out for you and your friends and family. no need to go overboard on any one set of rules, but read his book - even just his interview - and if nutrition matters for you and your health, consider just a few and change your menu.

your guests, and your body, will appreciate it.

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